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My Journey to Conservatism


For those of you who let your thumbs linger and click on the link to this blog – Welcome! You have made the very brave decision to step into the world of “Alissa’s mind”, or should I say, the political section of “Alissa’s mind”. I have made the decision to step away from my fairly liberal Facebook niche, and share my ideas on here instead. With that being said, you’ll either love or hate what you come across here.

To begin: My name is Alissa López and I am a rising sophomore at Gettysburg College. As a young Latina growing up in New York City, the most liberal state one could ever possibly live in, many people would think I was a hardcore dedicated liberal. Part of that is true. I was a liberal for almost 19 years of my life. Knowing absolutely nothing about politics and the history of The United States I listened to what my family, friends, CNN and MSNBC told me was the opposite of the right choice (hah, get  it?). I had this biased distorted view of conservatism. The only exposure I ever had to the right was one of my old friends in high school. But I never even gave her the opportunity to explain WHY she was a conservative because I simply didn’t care to know. I was happy in my own little world thinking that I was the smarter and more moral person for my political beliefs. I didn’t want people to think I was a racist, a homophobe, and/or an unintelligent bigot. I wanted to continue to fit into the political world of my generation.

I went on my merry way, still not knowing anything about politics but continued to say “I’m a democrat”. I was an Obama fan and a Fox News hater. The middle of my freshman year of college, I found myself in a relationship – with a conservative boy born and raised in Columbus, Ohio (which, believe it or not, is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been to with the nicest people!). Being a political science major, an intern for a congressman, and all the while having a job for a strategy group that supports conservative leaders, politics is pretty much his entire life. So now here you have an uninformed liberal voter dating someone who is the complete opposite of her. Recipe for disaster, or no?

I did the one thing that liberals tend to pride themselves on (but rarely do it) which was keep an open-mind. I valued this boy’s opinion, and I knew he was extremely intelligent. So I asked questions, did my own research, attended a Young America’s Foundation conference and had the opportunity to hear from influential, well-respected and knowledgeable political figures. Many people will say I did this because I’m “blinded by love”…whatever that means… but I’m a young woman completely capable of thinking for myself. I know what I believe in and I know what I don’t.

So here I am, a conservative Latina woman who is way more informed than she was 5 months ago. Who knew the words hispanic, woman, and conservative could go together in the same sentence in a positive way?

So that’s all you really need to know about me. As for my blog, I’ll be covering different topics, ranging from book reviews/commentary to political issues, Hillary Clinton and so on. I hope to expose you to a different side, one that is unecessarily slandered by liberals. Here are my views and ideas. Here are the facts.


Author: Alissa López

Junior at Gettysburg College studying Political Science.

4 thoughts on “My Journey to Conservatism

  1. Hey,
    I went to Ethel, while you were there and never would have Imagined you as a conservative. I’m so glad you’ve found the right place. I can already tell this blog is going to be so very interesting. I’ll definitely be back to read what you post in the future.
    – Former head of Ews young Republicans


  2. Since you decided to block me on facebook and probably delete my comments since you know I’m right I’d love to reiterate. You clearly don’t know shit about politics yet you’ve convinced yourself you do because of the loads of shit your probably equally as stupid boyfriend has shoveled into your brain. If you can’t see how dumb you look from this post then God bless your soul because ignorance is truly bliss then.


  3. What’s even funnier is how you encourage others to share their thoughts and spark debate yet the moment you realize someone is owning you in the debate (as me and my dear friend max clearly have) you block us so we can’t disembowel your argument any further. Get educated & MAYBE even develop some political opinions of your own.


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