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You’re Racist and You Don’t Even Know It!

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Sorry for being MIA for the past week, I was vacationing in Cape Cod. And yes, I vacation in primarily white areas… just like our fearless leader Barack Hussein Obama does. 😉

What I will be talking about today I highly doubt any of you know about. I didn’t know about it until I decided to catch up with Mark Levin’s podcasts.

Please stay with me, it might get a little boring but in the end all of this will make sense. And if you think like me, you’ll be pissed off and ready to protest against this. But be sure to pick your jaw up off the floor before you head out of your house.

AFFH: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Sounds pretty great, right? Think again. AFFH is probably the worst idea our current president has ever had.

I will break this down to you as best as I can because the topic is quite complicated, so I would recommend doing your own research after this.


AFFH is a small section of President Obama’s overall plan to look into our personal information such as our race, where we live, where we go to school, where we work, our credit information, bank information, and a number of other things in order to collect every nitty gritty detail of our personal lives. I know that the administration has already hacked into a number of innocent civilians phone calls, and now this? You’re thinking, for what reason do they need to know every detail about my simple private life?  They want “to document ‘inequalities’ between minorities and whites”.  

What the – ?

A lot of the information that will be collected from this research will be available online, so anyone and everyone can see it. This is a HUGE advantage for civil rights attorney’s and activists groups because they will be capable of pin-pointing areas (living, educational, etc.) that are pretty much racist and don’t even know it. Even if there is no other physical evidence of actual discrimination: the lack of minorities in living areas, the higher number of minorities facing suspension or expulsion, the small number of minorities hired by businesses, etc., will indicate purposeful racial segregation. There are a number of different areas that fit under this large AFFH umbrella, (as you can see), but the biggest, most important category, is the housing category (AFFH). I would go into detail about the other sections but there’s so much and I’m still trying to understand those areas more myself. So once again, feel free to do your own research after this.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development Center (HUD) has looked into every single area of living, zip code by zip code. They’ve racially broken down these living areas to see what percentages of what race live in what areas all over our nation. They have four categories to break down these races: White, Black (African American), Asian and Hispanic/Latino. They’re looking for “racial imbalances”… basically… if there are too many white people and not enough minorities. If an area has 50% or over ‘non-white’ residents, it will and can officially be called a segregated area.

When in the world did we all hop into a time machine and head back to the 50’s? Last time I checked people of any race, sexual orientation (etc.) can live anywhere they choose to, that is if they can afford it.

That brings me to the next part of the AFFH. The locations that are deemed as “segregated areas”, which we can all assume will be the upper middle to high class zones, will be pressured into supplying subsidized housing. Inner city minorities will be able to – more like forced – to relocate to those areas. What the goal (as it seems to be) of our socialist president is that every race must account for under 50% of the entire community living in a specific suburban area. And if this goal isn’t met, well… no suburb wants to be sued by the government for being racist. (Sperry, NY Post.)

You’re probably sitting in front of your computer saying either “There’s nothing bad about this. It’s helping minorities!” or “I’m about to go to sleep because this is boring me.”

Well. Sadly. This is what happened in Detroit. And we all know exactly how that one ended. So you should care about this, and this shouldn’t bore you at all. Because believe it or not this could effect you and your family.


This is another one of Obama’s efforts into making sure there’s social equality nationwide. If a white person gets to live in a gated community, so does everyone else. Why? Because the government says so! 

That rule will push Americans into living how and where the federal government wants.  It promises to gut the ability of suburbs to set their own zoning codes.  It will press future population growth into tiny, densely-packed high-rise zones around public transportation, urbanizing suburbs and Manhattanizing cities.

I’m so over this big government crap… nothing good comes of it. Sorry to get aggressive here but – the government needs to get the hell out of our lives and leave us alone! 

This entire law is just one huge line of dominos waiting to be knocked over. Once these areas are located and the Obama administration begins their work in relocating these minorities into affluent areas, there is a series of unfortunate events that will occur.


So if you’re still a little unsure of what I’m talking about, how about I paint you a picture. So let’s say there’s a nice suburb community outside a city. The average house in this community costs about a million dollars. HUD just recently gathered all the personal info for this community and wouldn’t you know, its more than 50% White. Well, now theres a problem with this community. Even though this community was open to anyone, they have now been deemed as racially segregated. The federal government comes in and gives the community a choice…. Even out your numbers or lose federal funding. The community obviously chooses option A now where does that lead us. The fact of the matter is, most upperclass communities are majority White. This has nothing to do with minorities being uneducated or unable to purchase these houses, its simply the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE WHITE. There are no magical all Asian rich communities or all Black rich communities that are “not allowed” to be a part of a community like the one in this example. So naturally, to even out the numbers, the government will have to force minorities to live in these neighborhoods even if they can’t afford it, so that leaves us with a couple options.

OPTION 1: The government sends minorities to these neighborhoods and they use YOUR taxpayer money to pay for a large portion of their mortgages. This will cause taxes to skyrocket and pretty soon, no one will be able to live in these nice communities. Yay less people!

OPTION 2: The government forces banks to give out risky loans to these minorities so they can pay their mortgages. Which, chances are, these people will take tens of years or will possibly never be able to pay them off. Yay debt! This is EXACTLY what caused the housing market bubble to burst in 2008 leading to the recession that we’re currently in.

OPTION 3 (the most likely option): These communities will be forced to build or provide more affordable houses for minorities.

Sounds great in theory, bad in practice *cough cough* Detroit. Let’s think about it logically. Bring lower income minorities into a rich community, where will they work? Well naturally, low skilled jobs will have to follow so say goodbye to your country clubs and fancy restaurants and say hello to Wal-Marts and Mcdonalds. I have no problem with these establishments but the whole point of these rich communities was to escape the Wal-Marts and Mcdonalds’ of the world. The rich residents of the community begin to move out and minorities become the majority. Additionally, the prices for the houses plummet turning those neighborhoods into nothing different then the urban ghetto you’ll see in any metropolitan area. And then the issue of this area not having enough residents, so houses/buildings will simply be abandoned. Because people won’t want to live there.

You can argue I’m wrong but if you’ll look at the causes of Detroit’s bankruptcy and how they went from the 3rd biggest city in America to the dump it is now, you’ll realize I’m right.

The problem I have here (well I have a lot of problems with this crap) is that these neighborhoods HAVE MINORITIES they just don’t have enough. There is never enough in regards to anything when it comes to the federal government. Want to make a liberal’s head explode…. ask them what the end goal is for anything. Be it minimum wage…. Is $15 an hour enough? Why not $20? Why not $100 an hour? Or we could talk about illegal immigrants and amnesty. Let’s give citizenship to 9 million illegal immigrants. Why not 11 million? Hell… Let’s just make everyone in the world a citizen. It’s never enough with these people but I know for one thing, I’ve had enough. It’s time for people with common sense to wake up and smell the tyranny (I stole that from Mark Levin, I just had to use it #fangirl). This is just another way that the federal government will control our lives… enough is enough already!

~ Revised & Edited by T.
Here’s an article that came up on my Facebook page that explains part of this plan. Click Here for More Info.


Author: Alissa López

Junior at Gettysburg College studying Political Science.

One thought on “You’re Racist and You Don’t Even Know It!

  1. I can’t even believe your ignorance anymore. You do realize that it’s the conservative government that created & continues to create the racism in our country as our black president has been trying so hard to do the opposite right? You sound like a self hating minority & I think it’s hilarious how blind you are to how stupid you make yourself sound with each one of these “articles”. Not to mention you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist. What has the government done with ANY information about you that has affected your life so far? hmmmmm probably fucking nothing so you look even stupider saying enough is enough. Please write your next article on gun laws I’d love to roast you on those too.

    Also I would LOVE to have a conversation in person and really educate you on how dumb you & your farmboy boyfriend are.


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