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“YAF Under Fire For Wanting To Exist”

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Wow! My blog has been blowing up this week! Thanks for the views guys!

Since I know a majority of people will continue to be looking at my blog, I would like to share a little article written about YAF by The Liberty Standard. It’s quite amazing to be getting so much outreach on what is happening on our campus! And the amount of support we are receiving is amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of Young American’s for Freedom.

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Conservative Student Group Not Welcome – Gettysburg College YAF Under Fire For Wanting To Exist

Warning: Don’t be conservative at Gettysburg College. You’ll be run out.

Conservative students at the Pennsylvania liberal arts school are under fire for wanting to start a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter. Their posters are being torn down, their messages are being censored, and their members are being labeled fascists.

The controversy began when YAF members put up posters using standard day-to-day conservative rhetoric. The posters read “Calling all Conservatives! Do you enjoy hugging babies vs killing them? Obamacare not for you? Do you realize socialism doesn’t work? Can you manage your email account better than Hillary Clinton? Anchor babies…and you’re not afraid to say it #notpc Is fixing the country more important than your golf game? BEST PART if you disagree…come for the debates!”


Yeah. Pretty generic stuff. But somehow this standard rhetoric caused leftist students to lose their minds, as if they’ve never heard a political argument before in their sheltered lives. One minute watching Fox News, listening to talk radio, or viewing a conservative video on YouTube would have exposed them to some of the more common refrains of the right.

Chalk art was also employed by the conservative students, but leftist students were caught washing those away:

Image 3

These “activists” claim that the “racial slur” “anchor babies” was included in the chalk art, and not simply “protect our veterans.” YAF denies this, but regardless, why does it matter? “Anchor babies” is not a “racial slur.” It’s race-neutral, and applies to anyone of any race who enters the United States for the express purpose of taking advantage of birth-right citizenship. These leftists likely believe it applies only to Hispanics, which of course is extremely racist on their part, as it does not.

Ultimately, the generic conservative messages YAF put forward was met with the following posters:


Nice Reagan silhouette in the background! Was the 40th president a fascist or something? I don’t get it.

More to the point – calling anchor babies anchor babies = insensitive and over the top. However, calling half the country fascists = ?…  Just how contemporary left wing student think I guess.

Furthermore, in the Gettysburg student paper, a girl named Isabel Gibson Penrose penned a piece critical of YAF and their posters. Fair warning, it reads like the textual equivalent of a teenage girl’s eye-roll:

“If you’re like me, reading this particular combination of words may have initially given you a small rage stroke or caused your eyes to fall out of your head as a precaution for never having to read something that ridiculous and gross again. Fortunately, I regained my composure (along with my eyes) and realized an article composed of only “??????” would not make for a very compelling read, so I calmed down before drafting this. I reread the posters a few times, first to make sure they were not some kind of sleep-deprived hallucination, and then to really think about what they were saying. I guess I get it: these posters were meant to spark strong reactions. I am absolutely playing into the hands of the Young Americans for Freedom by responding – but I am going to do it anyway.

Let us get a few things out of the way. First, on a mostly nitpicky level, why is every sentence but one a question? “Anchor babies…and you’re not afraid to say it #notpc” is not even really a sentence! It is a weird, racist fragment complete with a hashtag that Donald Trump probably uses on a regular basis. Second, and more importantly, I do not care if they are meant to “incite debate,” or if they are satire, or if they are using extreme rhetoric on purpose – these posters are awful.”

We get it. You think they structured their message poorly and you don’t like what they had to say. But those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In other words Isabel, you aren’t exactly a modern day Mark Twain or Aristotle yourself.

If standard conservative rhetoric pisses you off so much that you need to start your article with a long rant explaining just how much you ‘can’t even’, then the political arena isn’t for you.

She continues:

“These responses show some expert employment of delusion. No one is scared of these posters or of YAF as a whole. They are not bursting anyone’s liberal bubble, and they are surely not breaking any new ground. YAF are not revolutionaries, they are not heroes, they are not soldiers and they are not justified in their whining just because the majority of campus happens to vocally disagree with them.

“Freedom of speech! We get freedom of speech,” summarizes a good majority of YAF’s defense of their actions. I have got news for you, YAF: nobody is trying to take away your freedom of speech. Consider that the opposition to your posters, your meeting, your social media posts, the drivel you scrawled on the sidewalk early Thursday morning and your very existence is not anyone trying to attack your constitutional rights – it is simply us exercising ours. If you are going to continue spreading your poisonous rhetoric around campus, as you can, people are going to keep fighting back. “We will not be silenced,” is another commonly employed YAF phrase, and it cuts both ways.

Additionally, freedom of speech does not protect you from the social consequences of your actions. God forbid you live in a world where your actions have consequences, instead of a bizarre conservative vacuum where you get patted on the back for taking the millionth cheap shot at Hillary Clinton’s emails. Really groundbreaking stuff. Complaining about people responding to your detestable claims is equivalent to kicking a hornets’ nest and getting mad when the hornets come swarm you. “Stupid hornets, how dare you fight back, get back in your liberal bubble nest and be still while I harm you!”

My God. How do you define free speech? If you walk around with a political message on a sign and I walk up to you and take it from your hands am I infringing on your free speech? Of course!

That’s what you guys are doing to YAF by ripping down posters and washing away their chalk art. You are censoring their message. Period. Full stop. No debate.

Message to Gettysburg leftists: Let conservatives, who as you admit are a minority on your campus, have their group. It isn’t going to harm you to hear opinions you disagree with and terms that may ‘offend’ you. It will make you more intelligent and worldly to understand what others think. Try it.

Very well said.


Author: Alissa López

Junior at Gettysburg College studying Political Science.

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