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Hi everyone!

To those of you looking at this blog I wanted to inform you that I have made a new website which is why this blog has not been updated in a few months. I have switched platforms and will no longer be using聽this one. But for job purposes I will be keeping it up.

If you’re interested in reading any of my more recent work, in addition to anything I write in the future, please visit: http://alissanlopez.wixsite.com/elephantintheroom

Thanks so much! 馃檪



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I Promise You America, I Will Never #StandWithHer

This past weekend I decided it was time I sit down and watch the movie聽13 hours. I had been putting it off for too long, and I thought it was about time I see it.

Not only was I awake at 3 in the morning on my couch, my blanket pulled up to my nose, silently crying. But I was deep in my thoughts about what really happened in Benghazi, how part of the left so mercilessly brushes off this tragic event, and the role that Hillary Clinton played. I had to rant a little bit about it on The College Conservative.

I was and am still not planning on voting for Mrs. Clinton. Her beliefs do not reflect my own, and her actions are not what I want to see our next president portray. Her history is too murky, marking her as an untrustworthy and unfit representative for this nation. And honestly, I’m sick and tired of people trying to convince me to vote for her in order to keep Donald J. Trump out of the White House. So let me explain to you people the following:

Just because Hillary is a woman does not mean she is entitled to be President, I’m sick and tired of all you feminists out there using that argument.

“A vote for Hillary is a vote for equality.”聽

“You should vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.”聽

In all honesty, I don’t care what gender she is. If she is not fit for the job, she is not fit for the job. Putting your agenda in front of what is good for this nation will get you and everyone else, absolutely no where. I mean, look at what happened in Brazil when they elected a woman, who was clearly not capable of being productive, to be President.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been suspended from office pending an impeachment trial over accusations that she illegally manipulated government accounts…

According to a聽Datafolha poll聽(in Portuguese) released on 11 April, 63% of respondents across the country said her government was “bad or terrible”, with only 13% saying it was “good or excellent”.

Please tell me what are Mrs. Clintons actual qualifications. What experience does she have in terms of representing a large body of people? What does her track record of helping American citizens look like? What has she done to benefit this entire or even a portion of this country? Please, tell me.

And spare me the “she was Secretary of State” argument because that position does not mean she is even the slightest bit prepared to be president.

And this is where I bring in the two typical, but extremely legitimate arguments: Benghazi and her email scandal.

Just for you knowledge,聽no one聽should have been聽in Benghazi to begin with but –

“there was a covert weapons scheme going on in Libya, Benghazi. We had been supplying radical Islamists with weapons against Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, effectively supplying the enemy and destabilizing that country. And it seems that there was a CIA weapons buy-back program, the aim of which was to ship the retrieved weapons out of Libya through Turkey, and to the Islamist forces in Syria.”

If you want a time line of the events, BBC News reported one. But that’s not the point. Four people died in Benghazi: US ambassador Christopher Stevens, his state department colleague Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

And to this day Hillary shows absolutely no remorse over the fact that this happened under her watch back in September of 2012 while she was Secretary of State. She went so far as to say “what difference does it make?

I can tell you what difference it makes Madame Secretary: four people would still be alive today. People would probably be able to trust you. But hey, you made your bed now you have to sleep in it.

She consistently blamed the attacks as a result of a video, 聽lying to the faces of these victims families.

Breitbart reported:

Tyrone Woods鈥檚 father reported that she [Hillary Clinton] told him, 鈥淲e are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.鈥 Sean Smith鈥檚 mother recently repeated this, saying, 鈥淪he said it was because of the video.鈥 Glen Doherty鈥檚 sister said she chose 鈥渋n that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue.鈥

In public remarks Clinton said, 鈥淲e鈥檝e seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.鈥

On September 11, 2012, she told her daughter that the 鈥渙fficers were killed in Benghazi by an al Qaeda-like group.鈥 On the morning of September 12 she told an Egyptian diplomat, 鈥淲e know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack 鈥 not a protest.鈥

She was asked about this during a Democratic debate. CNS News reported what Mrs. Clinton responded:

Ramos followed up: “But Secretary Clinton, what they’re saying is that — what the families are saying is that you told your daughter Chelsea one thing and a different thing to them.”

“Jorge, that makes my point. At the time I e-mailed with my daughter, a terrorist group had taken credit for the attacks on our facility in Benghazi. Within 16, 18 hours, they rescinded taking credit.”

I call bull crap on that one. She knew she was blatantly lying, and now she has to cover her tracks in order to ‘appeal to the American people.’

Now for her email scandal. Hillary Clinton has been under FBI investigation for approximately one year for the mishandling of classified information on her email server. Now although her case has come to a close, and James Comey proved that this career politician is in fact above the law, he did label her actions as “extremely careless.”

鈥淎lthough we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were聽extremely careless聽in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.鈥

I’m sure that people who get drunk and get behind the wheel of the car don’t聽intend聽to injure or kill people, but sometimes they do. And they still get sentenced to some time in jail/prison. So for Hillary, she may not have intended to break the law, but she still did. And for some reason she still got off scot free.

James Comey, you’re a joke. You had the opportunity to go down in history as ‘the guy‘ who took down Hillary Rodham Clinton. But you ruined that. You tanked your reputation along with the FBI’s reputation. *slowly claps*

President Obama went out and campaigned with Hillary shortly after Comey’s speech, and stated that the next U.S. President can’t be “reckless.”

Oh the immense and consistent hypocrisy of these two never ceases to amaze me.

And last but not least, there’s the Clinton Foundation scandal. Which, if you’re interested in learning more about it, feel free to purchase Peter Schweizer’s聽book聽Clinton Cash. But to sum it up for you, the Clinton Foundation once had a ban on accepting donations from foreign governments. This was put in place in 2009 under President Obama’s request when Hillary took on the position as Secretary of State. But after she left in 2013, the foundation suddenly started taking millions of dollars worth of donations from governments in countries like Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

But as it turns out, the Clinton Foundation was actually accepting this money during the time that Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State.

Violating laws aren’t an unusual thing for this woman to do, if you haven’t realized that already.

To conclude, I could go on and talk about how she’s lied and flip-flopped over the years. But it’s not worth it because most of you can come back at me and use the “she’s changed” argument.

The three things I discussed above are the most important things to highlight when explaining your own reasoning for not voting for Hillary. Her gender doesn’t make her above anyone else or more qualified to do anything. I can be just as critical of her and expect just as much from her as I would a male presidential candidate. She doesn’t get cut any slack. And her scandals…. well that just makes her untrustworthy. And don’t you want to be able to trust your next president with their finger on the nuke button?

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“YAF Under Fire For Wanting To Exist”

Wow! My blog has been blowing up this week! Thanks for the views guys!

Since I know a majority of people will continue to be looking at my blog, I would like to share a little article written about YAF by The Liberty Standard. It’s quite amazing to be getting so much outreach on what is happening on our campus! And the amount of support we are receiving is amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of Young American’s for Freedom.

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Conservative Student Group Not Welcome 鈥 Gettysburg College YAF Under Fire For Wanting To Exist

Warning: Don鈥檛 be conservative at Gettysburg College. You鈥檒l be run out.

Conservative students at the Pennsylvania liberal arts school are under fire for wanting to start a聽Young Americans for Freedom聽(YAF) chapter. Their posters are being torn down, their messages are being censored, and their members are being labeled fascists.

The controversy began when YAF members put up posters using standard day-to-day conservative rhetoric. The posters read 鈥淐alling all Conservatives! Do you enjoy hugging babies vs killing them? Obamacare not for you? Do you realize socialism doesn鈥檛 work? Can you manage your email account better than Hillary Clinton? Anchor babies鈥nd you鈥檙e not afraid to say it #notpc Is fixing the country more important than your golf game? BEST PART if you disagree鈥ome for the debates!鈥


Yeah. Pretty聽generic stuff. But somehow this standard rhetoric caused leftist students to lose their minds, as if they鈥檝e never heard a political argument before in their sheltered lives. One minute watching Fox News, listening to talk radio, or viewing a conservative video on YouTube would have exposed them to some of the more common refrains of the right.

Chalk art was also employed by the conservative students, but leftist students were caught washing those away:

Image 3

These 鈥渁ctivists鈥 claim that the 鈥渞acial slur鈥 鈥渁nchor babies鈥 was included in the chalk art, and not simply 鈥減rotect our veterans.鈥 YAF denies this, but regardless, why does it matter? 鈥淎nchor babies鈥 is not a 鈥渞acial slur.鈥 It鈥檚 race-neutral, and applies to anyone of any race who enters the United States for the express purpose of taking advantage of birth-right citizenship. These leftists likely believe it applies only to Hispanics, which of course is聽extremely聽racist on their part,聽as it does not.

Ultimately, the generic conservative messages YAF put forward was met with the following posters:


Nice Reagan silhouette in the background! Was the 40th president a fascist or something? I don鈥檛 get it.

More to the point 鈥 calling anchor babies anchor babies = insensitive and over the top. However, calling half the country fascists = ?鈥 聽Just how contemporary left wing student think I guess.

Furthermore, in the Gettysburg student paper, a girl named聽Isabel Gibson Penrose聽penned a piece聽critical of YAF and their posters. Fair warning, it reads like the textual equivalent of a teenage girl鈥檚 eye-roll:

鈥淚f you鈥檙e like me, reading this particular combination of words may have initially given you a small rage stroke or caused your eyes to fall out of your head as a precaution for never having to read something that ridiculous and gross again. Fortunately, I regained my composure (along with my eyes) and realized an article composed of only 鈥??????鈥 would not make for a very compelling read, so I calmed down before drafting this. I reread the posters a few times, first to make sure they were not some kind of sleep-deprived hallucination, and then to really think about what they were saying. I guess I get it: these posters were meant to spark strong reactions. I am absolutely playing into the hands of the Young Americans for Freedom by responding 鈥 but I am going to do it anyway.

Let us get a few things out of the way. First, on a mostly nitpicky level, why is every sentence but one a question? 鈥淎nchor babies鈥nd you鈥檙e not afraid to say it #notpc鈥 is not even really a sentence! It is a weird, racist fragment complete with a hashtag that Donald Trump probably uses on a regular basis. Second, and more importantly, I do not care if they are meant to 鈥渋ncite debate,鈥 or if they are satire, or if they are using extreme rhetoric on purpose 鈥 these posters are awful.鈥

We get it. You think they structured their message poorly and you don鈥檛 like what they had to say. But those in glass houses shouldn鈥檛 throw stones. In other words Isabel, you aren鈥檛 exactly a modern day Mark Twain or Aristotle yourself.

If standard conservative rhetoric pisses you off聽so聽much聽that you need to start your article with a long rant explaining just how much you 鈥榗an鈥檛 even鈥, then the political arena isn鈥檛 for you.

She continues:

鈥淭hese responses show some expert employment of delusion. No one is scared of these posters or of YAF as a whole. They are not bursting anyone鈥檚 liberal bubble, and they are surely not breaking any new ground. YAF are not revolutionaries, they are not heroes, they are not soldiers and they are not justified in their whining just because the majority of campus happens to vocally disagree with them.

鈥淔reedom of speech! We get freedom of speech,鈥 summarizes a good majority of YAF鈥檚 defense of their actions. I have got news for you, YAF: nobody is trying to take away your freedom of speech. Consider that the opposition to your posters, your meeting, your social media posts, the drivel you scrawled on the sidewalk early Thursday morning and your very existence is not anyone trying to attack your constitutional rights 鈥 it is simply us exercising ours. If you are going to continue spreading your poisonous rhetoric around campus, as you can, people are going to keep fighting back. 鈥淲e will not be silenced,鈥 is another commonly employed YAF phrase, and it cuts both ways.

Additionally, freedom of speech does not protect you from the social consequences of your actions. God forbid you live in a world where your actions have consequences, instead of a bizarre conservative vacuum where you get patted on the back for taking the millionth cheap shot at Hillary Clinton鈥檚 emails. Really groundbreaking stuff. Complaining about people responding to your detestable claims is equivalent to kicking a hornets鈥 nest and getting mad when the hornets come swarm you. 鈥淪tupid hornets, how dare you fight back, get back in your liberal bubble nest and be still while I harm you!鈥

My God. How do you define free speech? If you walk around with a political message on a sign and I walk up to you and take it from your hands am I infringing on your free speech? Of course!

That鈥檚 what you guys are doing to YAF by ripping down posters and washing away their chalk art. You are censoring their message. Period. Full stop. No debate.

Message to Gettysburg leftists: Let conservatives, who as you admit are a minority on your campus, have their group. It isn鈥檛 going to harm you to hear opinions you disagree with and terms that may 鈥榦ffend鈥 you. It will make you more intelligent and worldly to understand what others think. Try it.

Very well said.


“Do you prefer hugging babies vs. killing them?” Oh. And Anchor Babies.

YAFreedomTableBanner 638

IMG_0378 IMG_0670 IMG_2973

Hey guys! I hope everyone has been doing well. Sorry I haven’t posted on here in a while I wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer and actually settle into school.

A lot of good things have been going on. And there are a lot of bad things that have been going on. But I don’t want to dedicate this blog post to talk about things that everyone hears about everyday. I don’t want to be a broken record. What I want to talk about today is something a little more personal.

For those of you reading this, you either go to college with me or have gone to school with me at one point or another. For those of you who do attend Gettysburg, you already know about Young Americans for Freedom. And for those of you who don’t – you don’t really need to know much other than the fact that we are a conservative group that is brand new to the Gettysburg College campus. I am the Vice President.

Sunday night we put up our posters. Approximately 80. By Monday afternoon we had posters removed, dismantled, and destroyed. Someone even drew a Swastika on one. Someone even stole one and thought it would be funny to vandalize it, place it on her wall, and put it on her snap story. We were ridiculed, labeled, insulted, and attacked all over Yik Yak. There was even a personal Yik Yak for ME, and there was approximately a 60 comment long discussion about my personal life and why I have the views that I have. The President and I (Who yes. Is my boyfriend. So the hell what people?) put up even more posters. By this afternoon, all of our “controversial” and supposedly “insulting” posters, were torn down. Tonight we had our first meeting. And let me tell you, I am back in my apartment in utter shock and complete dissapointment with the people on this campus that I am surrounded by.

IMG_5536 IMG_5934 IMG_6614 IMG_7377

People came in who wanted to debate laughed at us. They screamed over people. Had horrible attitudes. Spoke to us as if we had no brains, no logic behind the things we believe. Interrogated us with questions we genuinely could not give a full answer to. I am not hurt by this behavior, it is everything that I expected. I am disgusted. You would think that as adults if someone didn’t agree with another person, a reasonable discussion would be able to take place. No screaming. No insulting. No snarky attitude. No eye rolling. It’s disrespectful behavior.

Although the one poster got everyone going offended some people, unfortunately (for you) we’re allowed to say it. It’s our Constitutional Right which liberals and college’s have tried to dismantle and limit for years.

God forbid we offend you, even if it’s not a direct personal attack. Everything Conservatives do is supposedly offensive. I should wear my YAF shirt tomorrow and see how many people say I’m being offensive just by wearing it. What’s funny is that you, liberals, don’t want to be offended. Even though YAF did not call women murders, pro-choicer’s murders, we still somehow managed to offend you. But in your minds, it’s okay to laugh in our faces when we try to make a statement, or when we say we would keep a child at this age. Call us close- minded. Aggressive individuals. If anything every supporter of YAF kept very calm tonight. Let people speak. Did not raise their voices at people. They remained very calm, cool and collected.聽I, at some point, had to sit down and keep my mouth shut because I couldn’t handle the hostility and hate towards our club from the opposing side. My face turned bright red because I was so furious.

Apart from YAF, as an individual, this meeting tonight made me realize the kind of people that I am surrounded by on this campus. How far people will go to shut a person up. To attack them. To聽hurt聽them. To embarrass them and make them look stupid. To push them to their limit, get them angry.

Sadly this atmosphere doesn’t only exist here at Gettysburg. It’s everywhere. Our generation has become so insanely intolerant of other views that I don’t even think “open-minded” exists anymore. I have lost friends because they decided they can’t associate with someone who has opposing political views. I have been personally attacked. I have been threatened. You know liberals pride themselves on being open-minded and accepting, but when someone disagrees with a view of theirs its just attack, attack, attack. “You’re racist. You’re unintelligent. You’re so arrogant.”

What has happened to this world?

The intolerance is unnecessary and cruel. The hate for conservatives is unjust. I spoke to a girl who attended the YAF meeting tonight who I don’t think is a supporter, but approached me afterwards and genuinely felt sorry for how awful people were towards us.

We knew that we would trigger this type of behavior. If it wasn’t now it would have been later. YAF clubs that are present on “liberal” campuses always gets so much push-back from their communities. But it’s honestly so different when it’s actually happening. Hearing about it is no big deal and doesn’t usually sound so terrible. 聽It’s kind of hard not to laugh at it now that I’m sitting here writing this approximately two hours after this meeting. Because the intolerance is kind of funny. The anger and hate is kinda funny. They judge and assume immediately. Twist our words immediately. And they don’t give us a chance to speak. It’s funny because they try to take our voices away from us and shut us out. But the more they try to close the lid on this little box we’re all in the harder we push back to keep the lid open.

Some girl tonight said that we have only been successful in becoming “the most hated group on campus”, sounds like alienated a group to me. But hey, so what? YAF isn’t popular anywhere they go by their opposers. Will and I did not bring this club to campus in hopes of being the most popular clubs, and being the most loved individuals. The point of YAF, regardless of what so many people think (and a lot of you probably didn’t bother to even come by the meeting to give us a chance) is to speak up for conservative values and to stand up for our beliefs that have been slandered for so long. Regardless of how we go about getting that attention and getting people to listen to us, that is what the point of the club is. We have to stand out in order to get people to pay attention to us.聽To start talking about our club, and our beliefs. Therefore sparking a political debate. If we didn’t do any of the things we did we would have ended up being another poster on the wall that no one bothers looking at. We are not sorry for the posters.

But聽of course.聽I should聽know this by now shouldn’t I? My opinions don’t matter! I’m dumb and racist!

“If I only had a brain….”

Anyway. Just a random thought too. The President actually complimented someone who had attended the meeting and instead of receiving a polite “thank you” he got an eye roll and a “ugh, okay cool whatever.”

But there is hope for this. YAF will not be silenced. We have strong supporters. People, Soldiers, who are ready to fight this battle ahead. As hard as people will try, we will never go away. But we will be louder than ever. More passionate than ever. More present than ever. You can’t shut us up anymore and make us sit in a corner and keep our views and opinions to ourselves because enough is enough. 聽We have had it.


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Obama is Funding Islamic Terrorism

Flag_of_Iran.svgI hope everyone has been keeping up with the news lately. And I don’t mean the news coverage of Cecil the Lion – an unfortunate and terrible event but not as serious as what’s currently going on between the Obama Administration and Iran.

Hopefully you know what ISIS has been up to lately like gaining support via social media, and hopefully you know we’re training Syrian rebels that could turn on us at any given moment.. but if not… sorry but I’m not going to sit here and give you the 101 on this Sharia Law based terrorist group. What I will tell you about though is the nuclear deal that our administration is currently trying to get Congress to pass. Which is one of the worst decisions Obama, as president, could ever make. And let me tell you, he has a terribly long list of bad decisions but this one really makes my hair turn gray.

Oct 17, 2013 - Aleppo, Syria - ISIS fighters holding the Al-Qaeda flag with 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' written on it. on the frontline. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant aka ISIS. The group An-Nusra Front announced its creation January 2012 during the Syrian Civil War. Since then it has been the most aggressive and most effective rebel force in Syria. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations. April 2013, the leader of the ISIS released an audio statement announcing that Jabhat al-Nusra is its branch in Syria. (Credit Image: 漏 Medyan Dairieh/ZUMA Wire/ZUMAPRESS.com)

Let me give you a little background so you can better understand the terms and conditions of this deal.

Iran, is a natural resource-dependent country. Which means they’re only option in order to have a stable or even thriving economy is to sell what they have to other countries. Back in 2006, when they refused to put an end to their uranium production, The United Nations passed Resolution 1696 (Iran wouldn’t comply, so we added sanctions). This essentially ended the production of uranium but also their ability to invest in their natural resources, such as oil. This did have a detrimental effect on the economy in Iran, so as any other country would – Iran wants these sanctions removed so they can have money flowing back into their country. Understandable, right?

I’ll give you my response to that later, let me continue.

The United States of America. What we want is for them to stop making their nuclear weapons. Let’s end terrorism and let’s weaken them so they can’t attack us, Israel, or any other countries! Makes total sense. We don’t want to die or for any more countries to fall victim to Sharia Law. And we sure as heck don’t want them firing missiles at anyone! (Fun fact: parts of Northern Africa have been taken over by ISIS).

Sounds simple right? If they stop the production of their nuclear weapons they have the ability to improve their economy. No more terrorism, countries world-wide are safe. Done, deal, over. Iran will no longer be a threat and everyone will get what they want. Money and protection.

Oh man it sounds so wonderful – if only it were realistic. Let alone, true.

What this deal will do is slow down the production of nuclear weapons for the next 25 years, not stop it. So Obama is pretty much saying – let’s not worry about this now. Let’s wait 25 years. The United States (IAEA) can check up on Iran to make sure their following through with their part of the deal. But, there’s a catch. We have to ask prior permission before we just step in and do an inspection.聽There will be snap-back sanctions (if caught breaking part of the deal, sanctions will be put back). But there’s no guarantee the IAEA will ever find anything in order to do this.聽There are a number of small things here and there but I’ve painted you the bigger picture. Let me also add, that no where in that deal does it say that Iran must release their American prisoners (but who cares about them??). If I went into detail here, this post would be way too long and you would probably end up closing the page because it no longer interested you.

Anyway, Iran will get the money they want. But terrorism will remain alive and well, and their nuclear weapons will solely increase in number.聽And you’re probably sitting there (if you support this deal) wanting to punch me through your computer because you have no idea how I can draw this conclusion. It’s simple. Iran can’t be trusted. It’s been proven time and time again that they can’t follow through with foreign deals.

In July 2012, the Obama Administration took two actions to further isolate and penalize Iran for its refusal to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear program, and to hold accountable financial institutions that knowingly provide financial services to Iranian banks that are under U.S. sanctions for their connection to illicit activities.聽These steps are part of President Obama鈥檚 commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons by raising the cost of Iran鈥檚 defiance of the international community.

Here we are, just a couple years later, with the same damn problem.

The Obama administration estimates Iran has between $100 billion and $140 billion of its oil revenue frozen in offshore accounts as a result of sanctions. U.S. officials said they expect Tehran to gain access to these funds in phases as part of a final deal. Iran could receive somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion upon signing the agreement, said congressional officials briefed by the administration.

This extra bonus funding is simply a “gift” or a “reward” to Iran for agreeing to the deal to begin with.

Why is Obama rewarding them? Since when have they done something genuinely good?

“One component [of this deal] I understand is a $50 billion signing bonus of frozen assets that would flow into Iran. That money, we know to an absolute certainty would be used to fund Hezbollah, Hamas, and radical Islamic terrorists throughout the Middle East, throughout Latin America and the world,鈥 Cruz stated. 鈥淭hat money would be used to murder Americans, Europeans, Israelis. This deal, if it is consummated, would transform the United States government into being one of the leading financiers funding terrorism against Americans.鈥

There is no way we can deny this statement and say that Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is wrong. If Iran can’t build their nuclear weapons as quickly as they would like, you should believe that they will continue funding terrorism.聽

These are words from Barack Obama himself:

As I said yesterday, even with this deal, we will continue to have profound differences with Iran — its support for terrorism and its use of proxies to destabilize parts of the Middle East.聽

As controversial as this deal is I’ll give you my stance point blank – We cannot pass this deal. If so, The United States and Nation’s world wide will be put at a much higher risk for terrorism than ever before. Specifically, Isreal and The United States combined, will be the number 1 target for attack. There’s a reason for the “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” chanting at rally’s in Iran. We get nothing out of this deal. We don’t have a guaranteed opportunity to monitor what they do from the ground. No guaranteed protection from terrorism. We don’t get more money. We, in fact, will be adding more money to our national debt. We get “temporary” protection from nuclear weapons. I don’t think that matches up to what Iran will be getting.

So the comforting statement’s that Obama has been making on live television, that we’re “safe” and that Iran will suddenly stop making their nuclear weapons… I’m sorry to tell you but he’s flat out lying to you and everyone else. He made a speech back in April in which this following statement was made:

When you hear the inevitable critics of the deal sound off, ask them a simple question: do you really think that this verifiable deal, if fully implemented backed by the world’s powers, is a worse option than the risk of another war in the Middle East?

Sorry to burst your bubble President Obama, but another war in the Middle East is not the only option we have in order to stop Iran dead in it’s tracks. It should be an option, but at the way bottom of the list and something we聽should turn to if there are no other plans.

But, we’re suppose to trust this country because Obama says so. There’s absolutely no logic behind that what so ever. That’s like continuing to trust your boyfriend/girlfriend who’s cheated on you 5+ times. You trust them once, they break that trust, so you just look dumb going back and giving them another chance. You and I know he or she will cheat on you again. So what’s the point of handing out free passes?聽It makes no sense.聽And to be quite blunt here –聽it’s so insanely dumb.聽

Iran is aware that Obama will take no military action against them, which means their out of harms way. For some reason Obama genuinely does not want to use our military to stop these evil monsters once and for all. Our military exists for a reason, why would you not use them when needed? We had men and women who decided to join the military because they want to fight for our country. They want to protect it from countries like Iran. Why would you not allow them to do their job?

He doesn’t want to stop groups who murder gay people, oppress their women, and follow the one and only religious law that allows you to murder/physically injure other people. Iran was absolutely terrified of Ronald Reagan so they released 52 hostages literally the moment he became President. 聽Obama is the complete opposite. He genuinely聽respects聽these people. I’m not going to generalize here and say all Muslim individuals are bad people – 聽that’s not true at all so don’t twist my words here. 聽But I think I’m allowed to be bitter and angry after some of their people ruined gym class for me back September 11 of 2001, and that they have groups of people (children included) who continue to terrorize countries. They’re liars. They can’t be trusted. They’re murderers. They聽want us and Israel blown off the damn map and will do anything to do it.

Iran聽really聽hates us. But what they hate more is聽us and聽Israel聽combined.聽

鈥淲e must spare no effort in liberating holy Jerusalem and cutting off the hands of the infidels from this holy site.鈥

Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani
Assembly of Experts Chairman

Whether it’s now, or 25 years from now, something more will have to be done. We can’t continue to trust this country as much as we do. It won’t end well. And if it doesn’t, best believe you’ll find me over in Belize taking advantage of their free market.


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My Journey to Conservatism

For those of you who let your thumbs linger and click on the link to this blog – Welcome! You have made the very brave decision to step into the world of “Alissa’s mind”, or should I say, the political section of “Alissa’s mind”. I have made the decision to step away from my fairly liberal Facebook niche, and share my ideas on here instead. With that being said, you’ll either love or hate what you come across here.

To begin:聽My name is Alissa L贸pez and I am a rising sophomore at Gettysburg College. As a young Latina growing up in New York City, the most liberal state one could ever possibly live in, many people would think I was a hardcore dedicated liberal. Part of that is true. I was a liberal for almost 19 years of my life. Knowing absolutely nothing about politics and the history of The United States I listened to what my family, friends, CNN and MSNBC told me was the opposite of the right choice (hah, get 聽it?). I had this biased distorted view of conservatism. The only exposure I ever had to the right was one of my old friends in high school. But I never even gave her the opportunity to explain WHY she was a conservative because I simply didn’t care to know. I was happy in my own little world thinking that I was the smarter and more moral person for my political beliefs. I didn’t want people to think I was a racist, a homophobe, and/or an unintelligent bigot. I wanted to continue to fit into the political world of my generation.

I went on my merry way, still not knowing anything about politics but continued to say “I’m a democrat”. I was an Obama fan and a Fox News hater. The middle of my freshman year of college, I found myself in a relationship – with a conservative boy born and raised in Columbus, Ohio (which, believe it or not, is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been to with the nicest people!). Being a political science major, an intern for a congressman, and all the while having a job for a strategy group that supports conservative leaders, politics is pretty much his entire life. So now here you have an uninformed liberal voter dating someone who is the complete opposite of her. Recipe for disaster, or no?

I did the one thing that liberals tend to pride themselves on (but rarely do it) which was keep an open-mind. I valued this boy’s opinion, and I knew he was extremely intelligent. So I asked questions, did my own research, attended a Young America’s Foundation conference and had the opportunity to hear from influential, well-respected and knowledgeable political figures. Many people will say I did this because I’m “blinded by love”…whatever that means… but I’m a young woman completely capable of thinking for myself. I know what I believe in and I know what I don’t.

So here I am,聽a conservative Latina woman who is way more informed than she was 5 months ago. Who knew the words hispanic, woman, and conservative could go together in the same sentence in a positive way?

So that’s all you really need to know about me. As for my blog, I’ll be covering different topics, ranging from book reviews/commentary to political issues, Hillary Clinton and so on. I hope to expose you to a different side, one that is unecessarily slandered by liberals. Here are my views and ideas. Here are the facts.